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LSPD Handbook

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1 LSPD Handbook on Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:24 pm


Jurisdiction Lines

The Los Santos Police Department is a local law enforcement agency that ensures that the entire unity of Los Santos is protected and served under the San Andreas Constitution. We are paid to patrol and provide police service to the City of Los Santos.

With that being said, our jurisdiction lines go to the beginning of Flint and Red Country. Officers may leave their jurisdiction if responding to an emergency situation, or for other lawful reasons in the course of their duty, such as a pursuit.


The garage for the Los Santos Police Department has many different kinds of vehicles parked inside it, this section will inform you about most of those vehicles as well as rules concerning them. It is extremely important that after patrolling you park your car into the appropriate parking space, disable the lights and engine.

Many people feel that since they are an officer that can park their vehicle wherever they like inside the garage or just outside, this belief is incorrect. Cadets and Officers must park their vehicle in the Courthouse Parking Garage, even if it is a LSPD Cruiser. If you are a Corporal or above, or you are a member of SWAT, you may park your vehicle in the parking lot outside the garage. Anybody who parks their car inappropriately will have it ticketed and impounded.

LSPD Cruiser

The standard patrol vehicle of the Los Santos Police Department. It may be driven at any rank, however Cadets must be supervised at all times.

SAPD Motorcycle

A highly maneuverable vehicle that is able to move at high speeds through any terrain. It may be used by Corporals as long as sufficient safety gear is worn.
Great for tailing a suspects vehicle to keep units updated.

MPS Towtruck

The towtruck, often just referred to as MPS, is an important vehicle within the department that can be used by anybody at anytime. While using it you are permitted to ticket and impound vehicles, as long as procedure is followed.

SWAT Enforcer

The Enforcer is a big heavy armored vehicle that is mostly used for transporting dangerous criminals or VIPs. In bomb threat situations it is called out to transport the bomb if it can't be disarmed in time.

SAPD Maverick (Polair)

The Maverick is an extremely useful in pursuits to keep an eye on suspects. Keeping up with fast vehicles easily, it is not able to stop them meaning it may only be used to give locations or transporting officers to other locations easily.

LVPD Cruiser

This is the LVPD cruiser. It's restricted for the LSPD High commanders only. It used to watch the LSPD general duties work and to patrol city-wide. It's upgraded engine provides a faster acceleration than the LSPD crusier. Only Captains and above may patrol in the LVPD cruiser.

SAPD Rancher

A sturdy vehicle with decent speed, the Rancher is great for off-road chases. It may be used by Sergeants and above.

SWAT Splashy

The S.W.A.T. Splashy is a heavily armoured vehicle that is mostly used to water the suspects down to disable them from shooting and/or running away. It's used in the most hard situations only by S.W.A.T. members and Captains and above.

SWAT Cruiser

This S.W.A.T crusier. It is only for the SWAT high commanders when they want to patrol or watch S.W.A.T. duties. It's mostly used in the convoy's and for big transports to secure the areas.

If you are found driving vehicles ,without permission from the Chief, that are not consistent with your rank, you will be suspended and/or terminated from the LSPD.


Cadet Armoury
Mace (pepper spray)
Desert Eagle
Pump-Action Shotgun

Officer Armoury
Mace (pepper spray)
Desert Eagle
Pump-Action Shotgun

Corporals Armoury
Mace (pepper spray)
Desert Eagle
Pump-Action Shotgun
Country Rifle

Sergeant Armoury
Mace (pepper spray)
Desert Eagle
Pump-Action Shotgun
Country Rifle
Sniper Rifle

Lieutenant+ Armoury
Mace (pepper spray)
Desert Eagle
Pump-Action Shotgun
Country Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Grenades (Members of S.W.A.T may also carry grenades)

Usage: /r [radio chat]
Description: Used to speak with fellow Los Santos Police Department members, this is commonly referred to as "Channel 2"

Usage: /d [department chat]
Description: Used to communicate with the other Law Enforcement Factions as well as the Los Santos Fire Department. This command is only to be used by Sergeants and above, or the highest ranking available. Do not just "chat" on it. Everyone is allowed to contact FDSA (for medic calls) if necessary.

Usage: /m [megaphone chat]
Description: Used for making announcements outside or from your cruiser, can also be RP'd as a loudspeaker inside of a building with [loudspeaker] as a prefix

Usage: /su [player ID] [crime description]
Description: Used for issuing probable cause warrants for arrest. Can only be used if you know the persons name ICly but if you are arresting them you can use the prefix [John Doe] or [Jane Doe] as well as if they were sent to the hospital you can have a prefix for [hospital records].

Usage: /lspd
Description: Used to access the LSPD Equipment Menu inside the Los Santos Police Department locker room.

Usage: /mdc
Description: Used to access a mobile data computer available inside of patrol cars to view several different types of information, primarily used for checking records of suspects.

Usage: /detain [playerid] [seat 1-3]
Description: Used for detaining suspects inside of your patrol vehicle. Make sure to role-play it.

Usage: /arrest [1 - 150] [5-20] [bail 0=off 1=on] [bail amount 1000-10000]
Example: /arrest 150 10 0 0
Description: For arresting people at arrest points around the map. It is recommended that bail is off. If you have two suspects inside of a vehicle make sure you eject one. Cannot be used with another officer inside the vehicle.

Usage: /warrantarrest
Description: Used for suspects that have an RP Warrant for their arrest, viewable on /wants and there must be a judge active to view the people with /wants

Usage: /wanted
Description: Lists all of the people who have probable cause warrants (stars) on them.

Usage: /cuff [playerid]
Description: Used to cuff someone after they are tazed or after they have put their hands up. Remember to role-play cuffing them. People can be uncuffed by typing /uncuff

Usage: /tazer
Description: Holsters and unholsters your tazer

Usage: /frisk [player ID]
Description: Used to frisk a person for any illegal items. Make sure you role-play patting them down and do not power game patting them down.

Usage: /take [name] [player ID]
Available names: weapons pot crack materials cellphone radio
Description: Used to take away someones weapons pot or crack after frisking them, after you find the weapons you don't need to /do s/f when taking them

Usage: /ticket [player ID] [500-15000] [reason]
Description: Used for ticketing people for traffic violations on a traffic stop.

Usage: /gov [government message]
Description: Used by Captains or higher to address the people of San Andreas. Not to be abused

Usage: /deliver
Description: Used to deliver suspects that have been sentenced in court at the Los Santos Airport

Usage: /ram
Description: Used to ram into locked houses, not to be abused.

Usage: /deployspikes
Description: Creates a spike strip at your feet.

Usage: /destroyspikes [spikeid]
Description: Destroys the selected spikestrip id

Usage: /spikestrip
Description: Displays all deployed spike strips and their IDs.

Usage: /deploycade
Description: Deploys a barricade.

Usage: /destroycade
Description: Destroys the barricade that is closest to you

Usage: /revokedl [player ID] [reason]
Description: Used to revoke a player's drivers license. Mostly used for evading arrest and extreme cases of reckless driving.

Usage: /vcheck
Description: Shows a small summary of important information about a vehicle including registration number, registered owner, any tickets it has and the type.

Usage: /vmdc [player ID]
Description: Used to show the vehicles that the selected player owns as well as their registration numbers, the model and any parking tickets it might have.

Usage: /tow
Description: Used to tow a nearby vehicle while using a towtruck.

Usage: /untow
Description: Used to detach a vehicle from the towtruck

Usage: /impound
Description: Used to impound a vehicle you are towing at the Los Santos Police Department Headquarters garages.

Usage: /radargun
Description: Takes out and puts away your radargun.

Usage: /checktruck
Description: Searches a Los Santos Docks Truck for illegal items.

/backup and /nobackup
Usage: /backup and /nobackup
Description: Displays a faction wide backup request with your GPS location (area) and a beacon on the mini-map to officers that are in your area.

Usage: /radar
Description: While driving in a vehicle, this command displays the name and speed of the car that is within a 20-meter distance ahead of you. You must be directly behind them. Works perfect while in chases.

Usage: /fingerprint
Description: You must role play a fingerprint machine in order to use this command. /fingerprint does not have a built-in /me command upon using the command. This command tells you the prior arrests and prior convictions of suspects. It also tells you their name, gender and age.

Usage: /drag
Description: After cuffing a suspect, you must then use /drag to drag them towards your cruiser. /drag teleports your suspect to your every exact position everywhere you go. You no longer need to do OOC uncuffs with the new /drag command.

Usage: /revokeairdl
Description: Revokes the Piloting Licenses of suspects

Usage: /siren and /sirenoff
Description: /siren enables a mini siren on the top of your vehicle and distributes a bright neon light. Useful when in undercover/HSIU cars. The light only works during the night time or when there is no sun light. Be sure to /sirenoff when you are done patrolling in that car.

Usage: /respawnfreefactionvehs
Description: Members of the Department with Leadership may use this command to respawn all of the LSPD vehicles. (Occupied vehicles do not get respawned)

Usage: /listmembers
Description: Chiefs of the Los Santos Police Department may use this command to see all of the members in the LSPD. (Even if they are offline)

Usage: /invite
Description: Members who have Leadership may only use this command, when you /invite [Players ID] it will send the a message saying you requested them to join the Department, when they accept they will be put into the Department as Rank 0 (Cadet)

Usage: /uninvite
Description: Members who have Leadership may only use this command, when you /uninvite a player they will be removed from the faction, their skin will be set to a random one and they will lose all of their LSPD abilities.

Usage: /ouninvite
Description: Same as /uninvite however this is used on members who are offline.

Ten Codes
10-1 Transmitting poorly
10-2 Transmitting clearly
10-3 Stop transmitting
10-4 Message received
10-6 Off-duty, but in for Emergency calls
10-7 Off-duty, not responding to calls
10-8 On-duty, active patrol and responding to calls
10-9 Repeat last transmission
10-10 ((Logging off))
10-15 Male suspect in custody
10-15a Most wanted suspect in custody
10-16 Cadet needs a patrol officer to ride with
10-19 Returning to station
10-20 Location
10-21 Phone call
10-22 Disregard last message
10-23 Standby
10-26 Traffic stop [location]
10-26a High-risk traffic stop [location]
10-27 License Status Check
10-28 Vehicle registration check
10-29 Wants/warrants check
10-35 Current time
10-44 Permission to Leave
10-62 Attempting a P.I.T.
10-66 Suspicious [person or vehicle]
10-70 Prowler
10-71 Shooting
10-72 Gun involved
10-76 Enroute to [location]
10-77 Bomb threat
10-78 Explosion
10-80 Pursuit in progress
10-84 ETA
10-85 Area check (Not a call type. Used for when you're 10-97, but looking around instead of arriving)
10-86 Any radio traffic?
10-87 Meet officer at [location]
10-88 Requesting cover unit [location]
10-96 Available to assign
10-97 Arrived on Scene
10-98 All units call, clear and resume patrol
10-99 End of situation

Eleven Codes
11-29 Clear record (no warrants)
11-41 Ambulance required [location]
11-44 Coroners case - dead on floor
11-52 Status check
11-54 Suspicious vehicle
11-55 Officer being followed by auto
11-56 11-55 W/dangerous persons
11-80 Accident - Major Injury
11-78 Aircraft accident
11-81 Accident - Minor Injury
11-82 Accident - Property Damage Only
11-83 Accident - No Details
11-85 Tow Truck Needed
11-98 Meet at location
11-99a Officer in Extreme Danger

Status Codes

Code 0 ((Game crash))
Code 1 Routine response code
Code 2 Urgent - no light or siren
Code 3 Use lights and siren
Code 4 No further assistance needed
Code 5 Stakeout
Code 6 Stay out of area
Code 10 SWAT pre-call up
Code 11 SWAT Call up
Code 37 Subject/Property wanted
Code Purple Gang Activity

Procedures and Duties of Officers

Station Duty

When assigned to station duty, your job is to simply stay inside the LSPD and manage lawyers, loiterers, and maintain control. You are to watch the civillians who enter the LSPD and determine whether or not they will cause trouble. Your sole job is to maintain the peace and order of the station and to watch what's happening. If someone begins to loitering and acts disrespectful and or disorderly, you kindly ask them to leave. If someone trespasses beyond the LSPD door which separates the lobby from the lockers, ask them to leave, if they refuse call for additional back up and arrest the trespasser for failure to comply and trespassing.
If anyone enters asking how to apply for the LSPD inform them how to apply, if they are asking for an FTO, refer them to one.


Lawyers are people who will commonly come to LSPD asking permission to see their clients. You are to ask for their Lawyer papers then frisk them for illegal weapons or drugs. If they possess either yo uare to arrest the suspect. You are also to make sure the lawyer isn't armed, if he is you are to take his weapon before allowing him to enter. If a lawyer enters without permission to are to ask them to leave, if they refuse you are to arrest them for trespassing. Before allowing a lawyer to enter make sure that there are actual suspects inside the cells. Be sure that he is actually dressed like a lawyer and not a gangster.

Metro Parking Service

While patrolling in a MPS Tow-truck there is a high likelihood that pedestrians will ask you for help with a multitude of things. Simply explain to them that you are on MPS duty and are not permitted to leave your vehicle to take on any additional tasks. If a situation seems serious request for a unit to come to your position over the radio. Remember, as with patrolling, if you are caught doing a side job you will be punished depending on the circumstances.

Cadets will often be driving around in tow-trucks so that they can get driving experience, learn their way around Los Santos, and hopefully get experience as a Police Officer - as an officer on MPS Duty, it is your job to maintain the streets. You will often find many disabled or illegally parked vehicles around Los Santos and it is your job to move them, ticket them, or impound them. It is important that you keep an eye open and search areas like Ganton Gym or Pay n Spray's for cars, and even more important to search for any abandoned LSPD vehicles.

When you find a vehicle take notice of its condition, if a car is totalled then it likely isn't parked in its location by choice so just move it to the side of the road and leave it as it is; however if you find a perfectly healthy car or a car that is partially damaged parked illegally then move it to the side of the road and ticket it. Any vehicle with 2 outstanding tickets is to be impounded.


When you're on patrol you are to report over the radio that you are going on duty, then you are to update your status as to where you are actively patrolling.(Using the new Sector System) You're only job whilst patrolling is to patrol, patrolling is searching for law breakers, when you find a law breaker who is driving you are to pull them over, if they refuse you report a 10-80, if you find a law breaker on the ground, then you call for additional backup on the radio then proceed to the suspect telling them to put their hands up, MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE FORCE MATRIX.

When it comes to going 10-7 or 10-6 you need to request permission over the radio. The only people who can grant this is Sergeants and Above.


Arresting Suspects

When beginning an arrest, the person at question must have committed a crime. If they have and you have seen it, you must instruct them to put their hands up, if they fail to do so or turn and run, you have permission to use your tazer to stop the suspect.(DO NOT RUSHTAZE) once the suspect is stopped you are to cuff them and detain them.(YOU MUST ROLE PLAY THE DETAIN)

Afterwards you are to take them to the LSPD, once there you MUST GET THEIR NAME BEFORE ADDING CHARGES, it is mandatory, and if you do not get their name and they fail to comply you can role-play frisking them and in /do ask if you find an ID. If there is no ID you can always go for the last option, which is fingerprinting them, you must roleplay this again, if you can't get there name is absolutely no other way, you will label them as a [J. Doe] at the end of each charge. When arresting them make sure you frisk them for illegal items and make sure you do not stack any charges. If you charge stack you will most likely be demoted/removed from the LSPD. Make sure you use appropriate charges when adding them(No /su'ing "Car Park")

Once all the appropriate charges are added you are to go to the arrest star.(/arrest (Fine) (Time) (Bail on/off 0/1) (Bail price) DO NOT MAKE SOMEONE MOST WANTED FOR PUNCHING YOU, that is abuse and you could find yourself demoted.)

Ticketing Drivers

Ticketing civilians generally will happen because of traffic stops. What usually happens is that you pull someone over, and since they broke the traffic law, you give them a ticket! Based on their offense will determine whether or not you ticket them and or how much you will ticket them for. There is an appropriate way to pull someone over however, and there is an inappropriate way. The appropriate way is to turn your sirens on and notify them over the megaphone to pull over. If they comply and pull over, you report a 10-26 over the radio, however, if they do not comply and they evade, you report a 10-80 over RTO.

Once they pull over you are to order them to turn off their engine.(Role play) Once they have you exit your own vehicle and walk up to the window of theirs, then you ask in /do if their windows are down or up. If down you ask them if they know why they were pulled over, then tell them why. After that your ask them to hand your their licenses (More role play) once they show you their licenses you go back to your own cruiser and search them up in the MDC(Do not Metagame their licenses plate etc, you only know their name if you get their licenses) if everything checks out you go back up to the car you've pulled over and determine whether or not you want to ticket them, if you do, then you give them a ticket according to the offense they broke.

If they do not have a valid licenses or refuse to comply through the whole thing you can ask them to exit their vehicle and put their hands up then arrest them.

Off Duty and On Duty

There has been a wide variety of going off duty in the Los Santos Police Department. Everyone applied to the police department to "work" not to go off duty twenty-four seven whenever they feel like it. Please read below to find out the current rules on going off and on duty. Cadets must be on duty all the time. The only time they're allowed to be off duty is when they clock out at night. (( log off. )) Everyone else within the Los Santos Police Department must be ON DUTY at all times unless given permission by a Sergeant or above. The rule of going off duty as a Officer or above has been abolished. If anyone is caught going off duty, they may receive disciplinary action.So please, just stay on duty unless it's really needed that you go off.

Miranda Rights

The Miranda Rights are a warning that is required to be given to detained criminals by a Law Enforcement Officer before they are interrogated to inform them about their constitutional rights. This is the rights as spoken by members of the Los Santos Police Department.

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you do or say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney after initial processing has been completed. Do you understand these rights as I have read them?"

If the Miranda Rights are not read to someone whom has been detained or arrested, the arrest is considered void and will not be completed in the court of law. The subject may be released at once if the rights were not read.

The Force Matrix

The force matrix simply means the amount of force used on a suspect who is being arrested or detained.

Force Level 1 (blue)
- Suspect may be verbally aggressive.
- Suspect may be showing aggression in his tone of speaking.
- Suspect may be taunting you, or using foul languages.

* Your actions
At this point in time you are to issue verbal warnings or gestures to calm them down. No physical contact may occur.

Force Level 2 (green)
- Suspect may have committed a crime.
- Suspect may be disobeying orders from a LEO.
- Suspect is hinting violent actions.
- Suspect is making aggressive movements or gestures.
- Suspect may be preparing for physical contact.
- Suspect may be increasingly aggressive.
- Suspect is showing disrespect.

* Your actions
At this point in time you may not use secondary equipment. Call a Code 2 and move to a hands on approach of attempting to escort the person away from the situation or potential victims using voice commands and light gestures.

Force Level 3 (yellow)
- Suspect has committed a crime.
- Suspect may be making physical contact.
- Suspect may be using a non-lethal weapon.
- Suspect may be threatening lives.
- Suspect may be involved in a physical fight.

* Your actions
At this time you may use a tazer, pepper spray or a nightstick to detain them. Call a Code 3 backup if necessary. Do not withdraw a firearm.

Force Level 4 (orange)
- Suspect has or is committing a felony.
- Suspect is brandishing a firearm.
- Suspect may be actively aiming.
- Suspect may have vehically assaulted you.
- Suspect has placed lives in danger.
- Suspect may have seriously assaulted somebody.

* Your actions
At this time the suspect is threatening to end a human life. You may unholster and aim a firearm on the suspect. Do not fire unless the force reaches 5. Do not tazer the suspect if they are actively firing upon you.
You may warn them to put away or drop their firearm, if they do not comply after the fifth warning you may use your own judgment.

Force Level 5 (red)
- Suspect has or is committing a serious felony.
- Suspect is in the act of seriously assaulting someone.
- Suspect has a firearm and is aiming it.
- Suspect may be firing at you or civilians.
- Suspect may be in a vehicle attempting to hit you or civilians.
- Suspect may be fleeing after three warnings were issued.
- Suspect may have a hostage.

* Your actions
At this point you may open fire at the suspect and shoot to kill. Attempt to avoid such a situation if possible. If the suspect is attempting to escape in a vehicle, attempt to shoot out their tires - if you miss and the car begins to smoke you must cease fire and attempt P.I.T. maneuvers only.
It is suggested that you call a Code 3 backup.

Legal Terms and Information

These offensives are to serve as a guideline. You will not be punished for not doing the exact specification. There are also other crimes that may not be listed on this guide.
The orange line represents the ticket price of a crime, if unlisted then it is not a misdemeanor.
The red line represents the punishment if a ticket is not paid, not an option or not the choice made by the officer handing out the punishment.

Traffic Offences

Illegal parking: Parking your vehicle on the road, footpath, or somewhere else that is obviously not a parking area.
$100 - $325 Ticket (Officer's discretion)
Impounded after three tickets.

Illegal shortcut: Driving through a certain path to avoid the road and save time, like driving through somebodies driveway to get to the other side.
$100 - $300 ticket (Officer's discretion)
$100 Fine | 2 minutes

Illegal parking on Government Property: Much like illegal parking, except stricter.
No ticket
Vehicle impounded

Driving without a license: * No definition required.
$700 Fine | 5 minutes

Driving under the influence: Driving while under the influence of narcotics or alcohol.
$400 Fine | 5 minutes

Illegal car modifications: Modifying your vehicle with nitrous or hydraulics.
Either a ticket or arrest. $250 - $400 ticket. (Officer's Discretion)
If repeated, vehicle impounded

Reckless driving: Driving in a way that may cause danger to others, such as speeding or driving on the footpath.
Either a ticket, arrest, or a revoked license. $400 - $800 ticket (Officer's Discretion)
$500 Fine | 5 minutes

Unlawful street racing: * No definition required.
$600 Fine | 3 minutes

Summary Offences

Indecent Exposure: The exposure of ones "private parts" to the public. This includes public nudity, urinating or excreting bodily waste in public or just plain "flashing".
Either a ticket or arrest. $100 ticket
$100 Fine | 2 Minutes

Lude Gesture: Making rude gestures such as the middle finger, kissing ass, etcetera.
Either a ticket or arrest. $70 ticket
$70 Fine | 2 Minutes

Loitering on Government Property: To stand idly on Government Property, for example, out or inside the PD, FBI, City Hall, etcetera.
Either a ticket or arrest. $70 ticket
$70 Fine | 3 Minutes

Public Endangerment: Doing anything that causes others lives to be in danger, not the same as "reckless driving"
$350 Fine | 5 Minutes

Trespassing: Entering a restricted area that belongs to a private party.
Either a ticket or arrest. $250 ticket
$200 Fine | 4 Minutes

Trespassing (Government): Entering a restricted area that belongs to the Government.
No Ticket
$200 Fine | 3 Minutes

Affray: An offence that consists of two persons fighting in a public area, possibly causing harm or terror to bystanders.
Either a ticket or arrest. $150 ticket
$100 Fine | 4 Minutes

Misuse of 911: A prank or false call to the the emergency services line in an attempt to deceive, and by doing so wasting resources.
Either a ticket or arrest. $250 -$750 ticket
$500 Fine | 5 Minutes

Evading: Fleeing from a Law Enforcement Officer via running, driving, flying, sailing, etcetera.
$150 Fine | 5 Minutes

Resisting Arrest: Preventing arrest by a Law Enforcement Officer by breaking cuffs or assaulting them. (( or logging to avoid ))
$150 Fine | 5 Minutes

Vehicular Assault: Repeatedly attempting, or succeeding, at ramming a person or their vehicle with another vehicle.
Either a ticket or arrest. $300 - $550 ticket
$350 Fine | 5 Minutes

(Attempted) Grand Theft Auto: Attempting, or succeeding, at hijacking the vehicle of another person without their consent.
$500 Fine | 5 Minutes

Possession of Illegal Narcotics: The possession of illegal narcotics (drugs).
$300 Fine | Remove Narcotics | 4 Minutes

Hybrid Offences

Obstruction of Justice: Interfering with a Law Enforcement Officer(s).
$600 Fine | 7 Minutes

Failure to Comply: Failing to comply with direct orders from a Law Enforcement Officer, such as someone who keeps driving after being told to pull over.
$500 Fine | 5 Minutes

Mischief: is a vexatious or annoying action, or, conduct or activity that playfully causes petty annoyance
Either arrest or ticket. $150 - $300 ticket
$150 Fine | 3 Minutes

Criminal Mischief: A crime against property; the willful damaging of the property of another. Punishable in a criminal court but may also be dealt with as a civil tort. Such offenses may include throwing rocks through windows, spray painting graffiti, slashing car tires, or other acts of vandalism.
Either arrest or ticket. $150 - $500 ticket
$1000 Fine | 3 - 5 Minutes

Possession of Illegal Firearm(s): The possession of one or more illegal firearm(s).
$825 Fine | Remove Firearm(s) | 3 Minutes per Firearm

Illegal Discharge of a Firearm: Shooting a firearm in public when unauthorized to do so, it's legal within your own property.
$850 Fine | 5 Minutes

Conspiracy: An accusation backed up with proof that a suspect may commit a crime.
$500 Fine | 5 Minutes

Accessory: Assisting in the commission of a crime, but not actually partaking in the unlawful activity.
$800 Fine | 5 Minutes

Aiding and Abetting: Participating in the commission of a crime.
$800 Fine | 7 Minutes

Hit and Run: Colliding with someone, their vehicle; then leaving the scene without consulting that person.
$800 Fine | 5 Minutes

Trafficking: Selling or trading illegal items; materials, firearms or narcotics.
$750 Fine | 5 Minutes

Prostitution: Exchanging sexual acts for valuables or common currency.
$350 Fine | 4 Minutes

Harassment: Persistent offensive behaviour, be it verbally, physically and/or sexually.
$350 Fine | 4 Minutes

Indictable Offences

Attempted Murder: Attempt at taking someone’s life.
$1000 Fine | 20 Minutes

Murder: Causing the death of a human being with the means of causing death whether it was planned and deliberate, contracted, committed against an identified peace officer, during the commission of a hijacking of an aircraft, during the commission of sexual assault, during the commission of kidnapping, hostage taking, during the commission of deploying explosives, or during intimidation.
$1000 Fine | 20 Minutes

Instigating Public Anarchy: Causing people to go into a state of lawlessness and disorder.
$1000 Fine | 20 Minutes

Kidnapping: Taking somebody against their will, and quite often, asking for money for their return.
$1000 Fine | 20 Minutes

Robbery: Using intimidation, threats, or firearms to take things from somebody or stealing another way, for example, robbing the bank.
$1000 Fine | 10 Minutes

Rape: Forcing somebody to have sexual intercourse with you, even though it it completely against their will.
$1000 Fine | 10 Minutes

Bribery: Attempting to bribe a Law Enforcement Officer for freedom.
$1000 Fine | 10 Minutes

Assault: Issuing a threat with the means to carry it out/attacking somebody.
$1000 Fine | 10 Minutes

Extortion: Acquiring money, property, or services by use of intimidation or other acts.
$1000 Fine | 5 Minutes

Hostage Taking: Taking hostages in an attempt to get things in return for their lives.
$1000 Fine | 20 Minutes

Domestic Terrorism: Any act that attempts to overthrow the government or start anarchy, or any attempt to 'terrorize' on a large scale.
$1000 Fine | 20 Minutes


Field Training Operations

The Training and Recruitment Division, known as FTO, is ran under the supervision of the appointed director. This division consists of Corporals and Officers who are doing the job of reviewing applications and taking applicants on their training run to become Cadets and get into the department itself. Without these fine members, we would have no staff. This division has a staff limit.

Traffic Enforcement [TE]
Traffic Enforcement is in charge of everything related to traffic. TE members will be in charge of regular patrol along with operations involving drunk drivers checkpoints and speed traps. TE has to patrol in uniform and in a marked cruiser at all times.

Internal Affairs
The Internal Affairs strive for fairness, professionalism and respect. Members of the Internal Affairs have the authority to administer I.A. strikes. Everyone who is involved in a strike is given fair time to explain themselves, proper evidence supporting the strike, as well as possible reconciliation for the strike. Without coordination and cooperation, the LSPD cannot function properly and efficiently. The I.A department deals with all kinds of problems from Officer to Officer feuds, general misconduct within the P.D, or even an officers personal problems.

Special Weapons and Tactics [S.W.A.T]
S.W.A.T handles all high risk situations. S.W.A.T will be in charge of ALL Hostage Situations, Bank Robberies, and but not limited to, apprehending most wanted suspects.



If you have read and understood this handbook, you are no doubt in good position with/in the LSPD. I wish you the best of luck on your recruitment process. Like I said, if you have understood this handbook and abide by everything mentioned in the handbook, your career in the LSPD will be bright. I wish you all the best of luck in the near future and to please keep in mind that this manual is subject to change at any time, so please look at this frequently. You're advised to print this handbook off so that you will always have it on you while in-game.

1 Rank-Cadet
2 Rank-Officer
3 Rank-Decetive
4 Rank-Sergeant
5 Rank-Deputy Chief
6 Rank-Chief

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