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Mexican Mafia La eMe

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1 Mexican Mafia La eMe on Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:31 pm

Application Format for Mexican Mafia La eMe

Make a new thread of your Name with the word “Application” after it. Example – Joe_Wilson Application. Within that application, you must fill out the questions stated below. Answer the following questions with time and effort. Failing one question and we don’t need you. After your application receives a PENDING sign, in 6 days we will decide whether you are accepted or denied. If you are accepted, you will receive an ON TRIAL sign. Being on trial means you have been put in the next phase. You will have to roll with us. You will be tested on Loyalty, Maturity, Toughness, Craziness, and Patience. Within a period of time, you will either receive an ACCEPTED sign or DENIED signed. Being accepted means you have completed all phase, but one – Gang Initiation. This will require a jump in from the AL members

If your application looks garbage and crappy then you will automatically be denied. (Time and effort is the key)

1. In game name?

2. Age? (real life age)

3. Gender?

4. Profession and level?

5. What makes you interested in Asesino Locos opposed to another gang?

6. Time zone, time of availability, and playing hours in total?

7. What can you offer to the gang?

8. What gangs have you previously been in?

9. Do you have any issues with anyone in the gang and/or allies?

10. Who do you hang out with, gangs/persons in game?

12. Do you use TS3/have a mic?

13. Any previous names or alt accounts?

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